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Financial Services & Ventures

We drive growth and create value for customers and users.

We invest in great digital companies

We help smart founders and winning teams establish their products, scale their businesses internationally and maximize growth to become market leaders. We’re always on the lookout for disruptive, scalable and innovative business models that create unique value. Over the years we’ve made investments in companies like Blocket, Prisjakt, Hitta, TV.nu, Let’s Deal, Lendo and many more. We’ve also successfully scaled concepts internationally.

Our offer

Sustainable Investments

At Schibsted Next we invest in disruptive, scalable and innovative business models that create unique values that aim to become market leaders.

We also believe sustainability is a fundamental part of building strong and successful businesses. So it’s only logical that as a responsible investor, owner and actor in the investment industry, we need to be constantly aware of how our investments impact society and the environment and it is equally important that we continue to support and guide our entrepreneurs to develop and adopt sustainable practices once they are part of our venture portfolio.

The policy sets out Schibsted Next’s strategic orientation and approach to sustainable investments throughout our investment process. You can take part in the policy here.

Meet our entrepreneurs

KickBack - Mats Staugaard, CEO and founderBynk - Dennis AhlsénHypoteket - Carl-Johan Nordquist and Dag Wardaeus
Mats Staugaard-CEO and founder of Kickback

“Schibsted Growth has helped us grow from a small startup to an international scale-up. ”

KickBack - Mats Staugaard, CEO and founder

KickBack is an e-commerce performance marketing platform helping businesses reach new customers and consumers saving money on their everyday purchases. KickBack has launched in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Poland and last year more than 1.5 billion NOK in e-commerce revenue went through the KickBack-platform.

Dennis Ahlsén-one of the entrepreneurs behind Bynk

“Although we are currently growing fast on our own, a great advantage onwards are the synergy effect we can create through Schibsted’s other companies. ”

Bynk - Dennis Ahlsén

The experienced entrepreneurs Dennis Ahlsén, Mathias Johansson and Jonas Hultin had a vision to create a new alternative to traditional banks. In may 2017, Bynk was launched with a profound new take on banking operations. Bynk’s offer is a 100% mobile bank, offering an attractive loan service to consumers.

Founders of Hypoteket-Carl Johan Nordquist and Dag Wardaeus

“Thru Schibsted we can continue to find new potential business fields. We still control the company but have chosen Schibsted as our investors to get access to their great input and network.”

Hypoteket - Carl-Johan Nordquist and Dag Wardaeus

Hypoteket was founded by Carl Johan Nordquist and Dag Wardaeus and is currently operating on the Swedish market. Hypoteket business idea is to disrupt the mortgage market by offering competitive morgages, financed by institutional investors, such as pension funds and insurance companies. The comapny uses Schibsteds channels to promote their products with successful results and is now growing rapidly.

Financial Services: We empower consumers

With technology and transparency Schibsted’s Financial Services is improving people’s personal finance. With Lendo as a leading star this is an area with huge potential where Schibsted can serve and support users in their daily life with innovative solutions.

Next Media: We are rethinking media

The ability to create new independent products within the media sector is vital. We experiment, analyze and develop to reach new target groups and to strengthen and complement our core media businesses.

Our brands