Hilde Sommerstad
Written by Hilde Sommerstad
Published 2016-11-02

“Always On” with Company Profiles, FINN.no

Whether they have a position to fill or not, businesses are always visible on FINN Jobs, thanks to our new company profiles. These are “always on”, enabling them to build brand awareness and attract relevant candidates. For those same candidates, company profiles help satisfy a basic marketplace need : find what you are looking for.

Giving users what they want

23% of all searches at FINN Jobs are for company names, according to an analysis. This tells us that users are surprisingly specific and conscious of what they are looking for. Also, we know that one of the primary concerns of users is missing out on relevant opportunities – but companies are only present on FINN when they have an active ad. These key insights inspired us to launch company profiles on FINN Jobs.

Customers gain followers and insight

Today, a little over a year after launch, some of Norway’s most attractive employers and well-known brands are live with their profiles, and new ones are signing up every week. By being continuously present on FINN, the companies build brand awareness, even when they are not actively advertising.

They build awareness in two different ways: the profile works as landing page, where the content is easily tailored to fit local audiences and campaigns, and they collect followers who instantly receives a notification of new relevant ads. The profile owners have access to a dashboard where they can get statistics and insights about the follower demographics and their interests (derived from their behavior on FINN jobs).

Here you have some great examples from EY, Hydro, and Telenor.

FINN-følgere per 18.10.2016_eksperiment It følgere på FINN

Company profiles are free

It might surprise you to hear that the company profile is free of charge. Why are we giving away landing pages and dashboards of statistics and insights? Because we want to set the threshold for profile creation as low as possible. This way, companies are motivated to fill in their profiles and create stored value by growing their follower base. For FINN this means increased customer loyalty, better opportunities for keeping traffic on site instead of redirecting to company home pages, and in time, increased opportunity for upsales.

A fundamental insight for us is that customers’ willingness to spend increases when they understand product performance, and to gain this understanding they need good tools.

So, instead of charging for the first hit – the profile – we will charge for marketing and distribution of the profile, as well as for recruiting candidates through that profile. Our first upsale product applies graphics from the company profile on the ads and is already live.

Having said something about the value of company profiles to customers and FINN, what about the users? Users say they find both inspiration, and information from company profiles, because they show a different side of companies. Still, perhaps the most basic value of the profile, is that users find what they are looking for: Now, when a user searches for a company on FINN jobs, they get hits for both active ads, and the profile.

If the company has many ads, the advantage of the profile is that you easily get an overview of all opportunities on one page. If the company does not have any active ads, you can still follow them and make sure you do not miss relevant opportunities once they show up. In short, company profiles provides branding value for customers, growth value for FINN while at the same time helping users get the best of your marketplace.

You can find a full list of companies on FINN here.


Written by Hilde Sommerstad
Published 2016-11-02