Padraic Woods
Written by Padraic Woods
Published 2016-12-21

Simplifying login with Google’s smart lock for passwords and Apple’s shared web credentials

To deliver a truly personalised experience across multiple devices we require our users to login. To get our users to login we need to create a seamless login experience. Users often forget their username or password or do not understand that they can use the same login credentials between the different products or services we offer.

Password management services make it easy for users to keep track of their login credentials and use them across multiple platforms.
Apple and Google have created services to manage user credentials. Apples initiative is called “shared web credentials” and Googles “Google smart lock for passwords”.

If you update your apps and website to support both ‘shared web credentials’ and ‘Google Smart lock for passwords’ you can simplify the login experience for those users who have chosen to save their credentials with Apple and Google. The biggest benefit is in sharing login credentials between your website and your apps.

Shared Web credentials
Shared web credentials makes it easy for native iOS apps and their corresponding websites to share the same login credentials. For example when a user who has logged into your website in Safari opens your App they can be prompted to use the same credentials previously used in Safari to login. Any changes the user makes to their account either in the app or website will update the iCloud keychain so that the changes are made available in both the app and website.

There is also an added advantage for websites who share the same authentication domain with other products and services. For example, two different brands owned by the same company who share the same authentication domain can give the user the option of logging in with the login credentials the user has used on the other brands app or website.

How to support shared webcredentials in your app and website.

Shared web credentials

Google Smartlock for passwords
Googles smart lock for passwords works like shared web credentials, allowing for easy credential sharing between apps and websites on Android devices and chromebook. If your app and website have been ‘associated’ with each other, the user will seamlessly be able to use the same credentials between website and app without having to enter their details again. In addition to creating the required updates to your website and app you will need to submit the smartlock for passwords affiliation form to verify your app/website association.

How to support Google smart lock in your app and website.

Google Smartlock

Another popular password management service that may be worth supporting in your app is ‘1Password. You can see how easy the login process is for users of 1password in this video

For relatively little work you can make it a lot easier for your users to login to your website and apps, removing the hassle of remembering and typing in credentials that are already stored within credential management services.




Written by Padraic Woods
Published 2016-12-21