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We love people who embrace continuous change

Are we your future?

At Schibsted we are curious entrepreneurs, innovators and business people who always strive to rethink things, with the intention to be better for our users and society. Are you the one we are looking for to make this happen? Or, are we the one you are looking for? Have a look at our students offers and programs to see if you can find a common beginning.

What we offer students

Schibsted Connect

Schibsted Connect is a mutual mentorship program where you will be connected with one of our Schibsted colleagues.

Become a Schibsted intern!

As an ambassador you are our eyes and ears at your university

Trainee program

Two years – four placements – 6 training modules

We depend on diversity

We’re committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s actually better for business too.

How we work with CSR

Having a greater purpose to our daily job is critical for a company to thrive and develop. Our journalism and marketplaces are important cornerstones for building a sustainable and democratic society.

Lifelong learning

Learning and development on the job is a mutual interest and investment for employees, managers and the organization. Within our own Learning Lab we will give you the opportunity to develop and reach your full potential.

Meet some of our interns

Hege Bellika Hansen, UiOSander S. Skjulsvik, UiOMarkus Drange, NTNU Trondheim

“We brainstormed a lot with cool people”

Hege Bellika Hansen, UiO

I worked with Schibsted´s coastal news division to explore new opportunities within digital revenues. It was truly an exciting experience which included plenty of video calls and brainstorming with cool people. We closed down and developed a range of different concepts until we were left with one. The last week was well spent doing a Design Sprint before the final presentation of the findings and outcome for the management team.

“I was up for the task”

Sander S. Skjulsvik, UiO

This summer I was part of the Pulse team. I worked with a project that focuses on generating realistic user data for use in dev environments. It was really interesting to work on this project since I am interested in data management and like solving problems, and with the knowledge from my education I felt like I was up for the task.

“The learning curve was steep”

Markus Drange, NTNU Trondheim

With my minimal experience in the field of IT-infrastructure, it was with a feeling of awe I first entered the building this summer, ready to start my internship with the Schibsted Developers Foundation team. We were put directly on the production line and after a few days of intense training, we got to pick our own tasks. The learning curve was something I’ve never experienced before and I owe the whole team a huge thanks for all the help and support along the way – they made sure that we were comfortable every step of the way.

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