Summer internship in Stockholm

Product & tech gathering at the Stockholm office

Jump-start your career with a summer internship in Schibsted´s product & tech hub in Stockholm!

For the first time Schibsted Media Group offers summer internship positions for computer science students in Stockholm. This is an excellent opportunity to gain experience working with the leading media brands of Sweden.

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More than 100 product managers, software engineers, data scientists, UX designers, and other experts work in our product & tech unit in Stockholm.

Why you should work for Schibsted in Stockholm

  • Opportunity to use theoretical knowledge in practise and to use technologies they know in real-life projects
  • Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies
  • Joining one of the teams creating world-class news-product and to see the “kitchen” from inside

Teams with summer internship positions

Five teams in Stockholm have open positions for summer interns:

IT Operations

The collaboration team is the team responsible for providing Schibsted with the tools necessary for sharing, cooperate and work together. This means we provide services such as Email platform, Document sharing, Video Conferencing, Task organization, and others. This team works using Agile methodology.

Collaboration is very popular as our tools are used mostly by everyone at Schibsted that has around 5500 employees. You will have chance to have an impact on many people’s lives.

Keywords: G Suite, Slack, Pexip, Cisco Meeting, AWS, Jira, Confluence, Github Enterprise, Lumapps.

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Data/machine learning

The Stockholm part of the machine learning team. The team also has members in Oslo.

As a member of our team you will be part of developing services powered by machine learning for Schibsted sites around the world, for a variety of purposes, such as advertisement, search and discovery, and understanding and moderating content. As part of the Schibsted Product & Technology organization you will also have the opportunity to learn from and share knowledge with other data scientists and engineers across Schibsted. We encourage a diverse, collaborative and creative work environment, where you will develop and build reliable and highly scalable services.

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The Aftonbladet brand team in Product & Tech

Part of the Aftonbladet brand team.

With over 3.5 million active daily users, Aftonbladet is Sweden’s most popular news source.

As a member of the team, you will be part of a high speed, inclusive and fun environment where openness, collaboration, and passion is key. You will work with talented people, that bring their experience to make an impact on how journalism is consumed. We are humble and care a lot about our craft, always helping each other to become better at it. We test, we fail and learn. Every day is about getting closer to Aftonbladet’s vision: a first-class news product that users love and customers buy.

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Core News Product Web

The Core News Product Web team is working on developing the next generation scalable web platform which will be deployed across all of Schibsted’s news sites reaching more than half the population in Norway and Sweden – on a daily basis.

They want to leap from products being desktop & anonymous by design into an ecosystem of personal & device-agnostic products, all enabled by a digital-only publishing platform for the modern newsroom.

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With over 9 million users in Norway and Sweden, the Identity team in Schibsted is responsible for the largest identity solution in Scandinavia. We operate at the core of Schibsted’s digital business model, and are responsible for empowering user login across well known digital consumer brands such as Blocket, Aftonbladet, Svenska Dagbladet, Viktklubb, Let’s Deal and Omni.

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Lena MatviichukLena Matviichuk