Why Edtech matters

Edtech stands for Educational Technology – using the power of digital tools to enhance the learning of students and adults. We expect Edtech to have a significant impact on society in the long run.

A man reading a book for two kids

At Schibsted we believe that techno- logy has the power to democratize learning for all people. We also know that people want to, and can take control over their own and their children’s learning to a larger extent than before. The school as sole learning authority is becoming obsolete.

As consumers increasingly pay out of their own pockets to succeed in their careers or to let their childern perform better in school, the more companies become interesting to invest in.

So far, Schibsted Growth has invested in Albert, with 8,000 subscribers already and Poio, the learning app.

With edtech being one of the most promising investment areas at the moment, Schibsted Growth is definitely on the lookout for more of the most promising entrepreneurs within this area.

By Richard Sandenskog, Head of investment at Schibsted Growth