Price increase Aftonbladet and sale of presses at Linderud.

SCHIBSTED ASA (SCH) , Published 16/04/1998 00:00:00

Price increase Aftonbladet.

Aftonbladet has decided to increase the cover price from SEK 7 to SEK 8 on Monday-Wednesday and Friday. The price will be unchanged at SEK 10 on the other days of the week. The price increase, which will take effect on April 20, is expected to contribute to the pre-tax result of Aftonbladet with approximately SEK 50 million on an annual basis.

Sale of the presses at Linderud.

Schibsted has entered into an agreement with Printing Press Services International Ltd., England regarding the sale of the presses in the old printing facility at Linderud, Oslo. The presses will be delivered during 1999 when the newspaper production has been transferred to the new printing facility in Nydalen, Oslo. The sale price is USD 9 million and the gain on the sale of approximately NOK 40 million will be realised throughout 1999 as the presses are dismantled.

Oslo, 17. april 1998


Stein Yndestad

Investor Relations Officer