Schibsted won case against DuMont Schauberg in Cologne, Published 03/02/2000 16:08:00

Landgericht Cologne has today supported Schibsted and rejected DuMont Schauberg’s case to prohibit the publication of Schibsted’s free newspaper 20 Minuten Cologne.

Axel Springer Verlag has also sued Schibsted to stop 20 Minuten Cologne. This case will be treated by the Kammergericht Berlin 11th February 2000. In connection with this lawsuit the court yesterday fixed the amount of a fine of DEM 200,000 to be paid by Schibsted. It is reason to believe that this fine will be cancelled if the court rules in favour of Schibsted.

Further publication of the newspaper in Cologne is postponed until the Berlin court has ruled their decision.

20 Minuten is published succesfully in Zurich. After only one month it has become the second largest newspaper with 310,000 readers which constitutes 37% of the readership in the city. (Source: Demoscope Medien Radar 1999 og 20 Minuten Radar Studie januar 2000)