Teaching kids the language of tomorrow

Schibsted wants to give more kids the opportunity to learn the languages of tomorrow. That’s why we arrange Kids Coding Camp.

It all started in June 2019 when the atmosphere in our offices in Stockholm and Oslo changed completely – kids aged 8-12 years invaded the buildings, spending a week with us to learning who to code and use coding to solve challenges.

In Schibsted, tech is an integrated part of all we do and we like the idea of inspiring kids to take an interest in the field. And we will soon need their skills and ideas.
We also recognize the importance of giving everyone the opportunity to learn the language of tomorrow. On the first camp one focus was to get girls interested to join. Our ambition is to light some sparks and perhaps awake curiosity on future plans.

An immediate success

We started out with inviting our employees’ kids and they really enjoyed it. The camp was an immediate success with the kids realizing ideas in an impressive way – and making new friends. The kids worked in a program called Scratch – which is a tool developed for children – and their teachers were students from KTH (the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm). On examination day the kids had created games, quiz, animations and much more.

This camp was also a first step of on exciting journey. In February 2020 we have now invited kids with no connection to Schibsted, and who don’t have a natural connection to tech. It will take place in both our offices during the winter holidays in February and we are partnering up with Kodcentrum in Sweden, who is working with giving all kids the opportunity to try out coding, and Blå Kors Barnas Stasjon in Norway. They are both focusing on equality and inclusion. And this summer, there will be another camp for Schibsted children.

”I feel as if I have the world’s greatest job when working with this, it’s really important to teach kids about tech – and not least to introduce it to kids that perhaps not get in contact with it in on a daily bases”, says Ida Nilsson, employer branding specialist at Schibsted and responsible for the project.

And the kids learn fast.
”I was lost already the second day, when they asked me things”, admits Ida.

Listen to what the kids thought about the camp – and about girls in tech, below.