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It takes great people with big ideas to create products and services that push boundaries and rethink entire industries.

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Working at Schibsted means having your feet on the street and your eyes and ears open. As curious entrepreneurs and innovators, we thrive on a deep understanding of local behaviours and the future needs of our customers. We’re constantly building new products and services, and we’re looking for people who are ready to make an impact every day. 

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Schibsted is growing and is constantly looking for talents

We’re always on the lookout for new talent.


Meet our people

Matilda Wiman-Product Manager, AftonbladetMichel Dahlberg Traore-Growth Manager, LendoPaula Mariani UX Director, Schibsted MarketplacesTudor Babur Front end engineer and tech lead for Design Ops, Schibsted Marketplaces.

“I can see that we affect people in their daily lives and I really feel that what we do matters.”

Matilda Wiman-Product Manager, Aftonbladet

Matilda is working as Product Lead at Aftonbladet. Her main focus is to build news products with sustainable business models so quality journalism can continue to thrive in our society. And also find new ways to tell and deliver news based on user needs.

“What I appreciate the most about Schibsted is the entrepreneurial spirit throughout the whole company and also the down to earth culture. ”

Michel Dahlberg Traore-Growth Manager, Lendo

Michel is a part of the growth team at Lendo. He started off as a management trainee which is a programme that runs for two years where you have 4 different positions within the company. After the trainee programme Michel got a position as an Expansion manager. He is currently responsible of launching Lendo on new markets.

“This is Schibsted to me: to innovate and reinvent.”

Paula Mariani UX Director, Schibsted Marketplaces

Paula leads the user experience team across Schibsted’s marketplaces. Her main focus is to make sure that the UX teams always have the users and their needs top of mind. In this she works together with Product, Tech and Data & Insight to deliver the most value for Schibsted's users.

“The technical challenge is the best thing about this job.”

Tudor Babur Front end engineer and tech lead for Design Ops, Schibsted Marketplaces.

A regular day at the office for Tudor starts with grabbing a cup of coffee, open Vim and dive into the code. At the moment his team is building a design system and his job is to define its architecture and oversee its implementation. A collaboration across Schibsted's different brands is crucial to make sure to get everything right – something he believes is a great learning opportunity.


    Kids Coding Camp

    Teaching kids the language of tomorrow

    Schibsted wants to give more kids the opportunity to learn the languages of tomorrow. That is why we arrange Kids …


    The future is under construction

    Making a change for the future

    ”It's inspiring to teach kids coding”

    The future is under construction

    Making a change for the future

    Culture and Career development

    Finding the right balance

    We know that healthy, happy people do the best work. That’s why we’re constantly thinking about work-life balance and how to offer a modern, flexible and healthy way of working.

    Healthy means happy

    All Schibsted employees have access to great healthcare choices. With Schibsted Life we’re offering free group classes, inspiring seminars, and guided meditation sessions.

    Our success depends on diversity

    We’re committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s actually better for business too.

    How we work with CSR

    Having a greater purpose to our daily job is critical for a company to thrive and develop. Our journalism and marketplaces are important cornerstones for building a sustainable and democratic society.

    Compensation and benefits

    We offer a competitive benefits package in all our companies, including comprehensive health insurance and a flexible vacation policy.

    Lifelong learning

    Learning and development on the job is a mutual interest and investment for employees, managers and the organization. Within our own Learning Lab we will give you the opportunity to develop and reach your full potential.
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