In line with our ideals

At Schibsted we use AI to build the best possible digital products and services for our users, and to ease the work of our employees. We believe that transparency is key as we work with AI and that is why we want to share some examples of how we are working with these new technologies.

Our company is based on a long tradition of independent news, information and transparent marketplaces. Trustworthiness and quality are core to what we do, and when using new tools such as artificial intelligence (AI) Schibsted is dedicated to ensuring that our implementation and experimentation represent these ideals.

From theory to practice

In 2019 the EU presented a set of guidelines on trustworthy AI (read more about them here). These guidelines offer great basis for theoretical discussion, but we need to make sure that we collectively – as nations, industries, companies – are able to bring them to practice. We believe organizations such as ours have a responsibility to show how trustworthy AI might look in practice.

With some case studies we want to provide concrete examples of how we are using AI as a tool to empower consumers, citizens and employees in their everyday lives. We want to be transparent and give readers insight into how various aspects of AI are improving our product and service offerings.

The potential benefits of using AI across the Schibsted portfolio are countless. We start by sharing the stories about how Distribution Innovations works with AI to minimize their environmental footprint, how Bergens Tidende uses computer vision to identify gender biases in news reporting and how the Prisjakt price index staff is empowered through machine learning.


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