Schibsted Connect: where students and employees learn from each other

In Schibsted, we know the value of knowledge sharing. That’s why we have created our mutual mentorship program, Schibsted Connect, where we connect students with one of our colleagues. We had a chat with two former participants Ingrid and Viggo, to find out how they experienced being a part of the program. 

Ingrid is a student at the Norwegian School of Economics. When she heard about the program, she didn’t hesitate to apply; she was interested in Schibsted and curious about the opportunities that we offer. She also figured it would be a great way to meet people from different departments and locations of the company and get to know one of the biggest media groups in the Nordics from the inside. 

What have you learned from joining Schibsted Connect?
– Firstly I have learned a lot about Schibsted and all they offer. I have also gained more knowledge about their industries and projects. Most importantly, I have learned a lot about myself during the mentor meetings.

What has been the best thing about the program?
– The best thing about Schibsted Connect was the mentors. My mentor was amazing, and we had great conversations about Schibsted, leadership, and finding your own path. We have also been in touch after the program ended, and I hope we can meet again soon!

What would you say to other students who are thinking about joining the program?
– I would really recommend this program for anyone who is creative, wants to meet inspiring people, and get to know a dynamic organization.

Viggo is a student at Uppsala University  who wanted to learn more about how his knowledge from university could be translated into the real world. He  saw Schibsted Connect as an excellent opportunity to broaden his horizon. 

What have you learned from this experience?
– I have learned a lot about the challenges of product management, but also how your career can be different depending on what you want to learn and experience.

What has been the best thing about Schibsted Connect?
– I was given a buddy that works with exactly what I want to work with when I graduate; product management. I learned a lot about how it is to work with this at Schibsted. My buddy also mentored me about my career choices and what I should focus on in the future. We have stayed in touch, and hopefully, I can continue to get her support in the future as well. 

What would you say to other students who are thinking about joining the program?
– I would definitely recommend Schibsted Connect to other students! It is a great program, and the mentor that you get is really there to support you and teach you about how you can prepare yourself for when you go out into working life.

We are now looking for ambitious, curious students to join Schibsted Connect. Read more about the program and find out how to apply here.