Meet the winning team of Hackday – WE LOVE STICKERS!

On day two of Schibsted Product and Tech festival, we get into nerd mode and work on a dream project, solve a specific problem or come up with new ideas. We’re all excited when it’s time for our legendary hackathon; Hackday!  

There are hundreds of Hackdayians, all with brilliant ideas and creative minds, unique talents and skills. And, we take a lot of pride in forming teams and collaborations across Schibsted. This time we had over 60 teams participating in what is actually the 27th edition of Hackday! The festival ends with an entertaining demo session, where the hacks are presented – and we are all blown away by the amazing projects. The audience get to cast their votes on their favourite hacks in these  categories:

  • Most useful hack
  • Most creative hack
  • Most entertaining presentation

The teams are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, be fearless, and unleash their creativity. One team that certainly managed to do so was the “WE LOVE STICKERS” team, consisting of Erik, Automation engineer, Karthik, DevOps Engineer, and Henrik, Service Manager User Devices. They did a grand slam and won all (!) categories,  so we definitely had to take a quick chat with the winning team. 

Congratulations on the big win! Can you tell us briefly what your WE LOVE STICKERS idea was all about?

Corporate answer: A cost effective way to label accessories using Schibsted-card – enabling a smooth transition to a hybrid workplace.

Real answer:  An overly engineered technical solution to solve an imaginary problem where we got an excuse to play with a label printer and card reader.

Can we expect the WE LOVE STICKERS hack to be realised in the near future?
Let’s make it a reality! We are currently ordering a couple printers, labels, card readers and 7″ LCD-screens to be shipped to different countries where Schibsted exists.

What can we expect from your team next time?
Who knows what next year brings or how the team will look. One great thing about Hackday is that you are not limited to any specific team or task. But let’s be honest – we had so much fun we might end up together for something new.

What do you think of the P&T festival?
We are thankful that it exists. The crescendo of the festival – Hackday – might be one of the best things since sliced bread.

Do you think you can beat this team, join us for our next Hackday! See all our open positions  here. 

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