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The importance of learning technology at a young age

We are moving towards an increasingly digital future. But how should children get the knowledge they need? Schibsted has been working with these questions for a longer time, among other things, by sponsoring Kodcentrum and Lær Kidsa Koding – associations that teach children programming and arranging code courses such as Kids Coding Camp.

 – Knowledge of data and technology is crucial for today’s society and the society of the future. More people need to learn technology in order for us to be competitive. To achieve this, we must arouse young people’s curiosity at an early age, says Sven Størmer Thaulow, Chief Data & Technology Officer at Schibsted.

The language of the future
He believes that the requirements for understanding technology will only increase and highlights one example.

– Hospitals are some of the most advanced workplaces in the world where the use of advanced technology is crucial. Therefore, nurses and doctors who are good at using technology and who have insight into technology will gain an advantage in that industry.

Schibsted will continue to educate children and support these issues. The goal? That all children have the right to learn the language of the future.

– Technology is like mathematics, like Lego pieces. If you do not learn the basics early, it is difficult to learn more advanced areas, says Sven Størmer Thaulow.