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Endless opportunities for women within the tech field

On a – for some – daunting path, Schibsted paves the way forward for women within
tech. The opportunities are endless for those who simply follow Engineering Manager
Réka Gazda’s advice “don’t limit your ambitions”.

Finding the perfect job to match your skill set is rarely a simple task. Especially when your
experiences and likings are split into two opposite sides of the spectrum. Réka Gazda
started off in Hungary with a degree in International Relations. By being a yay-sayer and
grasping opportunities all over Europe, she ended up as one of Schibsted’s most recently
hired Engineering Managers.

– I took a very non-traditional path into the tech field. Thanks to my English skills I was
introduced to a job as a technical writer for Ericsson. From there I progressed to Project
Manager for smaller teams, and later was transferred to Madrid as Project Lead to take on
responsibility for new software releases and coordinating multiple sites, she says.

No matter where you come from or what you strive to do, a strong support system can help
you take the next step. That is why Schibsted started Shetech – a community made to
empower women within the tech industry. The initiative sprouted from a company internal
idea, but has now branched out and welcomes all women with an interest or the urge to
continue to revolutionise the tech field.

When an old friend reached out to Réka about a job opportunity as an Engineering Manager
in Stockholm, Sweden, her interest was caught. The deal was set after her dual needs were
met: to coach and develop her team as well as being able to make and implement decisions.
Starting in August 2021, she became one of the newest members and pioneers within

– I was able to bring my talent to the company and to be my full self. We all care about each
other, dare to question things and really live the company value of “being the fearless force
for change”, Réka says.

The tech industry is largely male dominated and sometimes filled with prejudice that might
hinder women from taking a chance within it. As one of the largest media houses, and home
of digital consumer brands and marketplaces in Scandinavia, Schibsted wants to change
that and encourage women to a new way of thinking.

– There are many opportunities within tech at Schibsted. We are constantly looking for new
talents, and we offer special internships for curious minds. There is no specific mould you
need to fit into. We always focus on your strengths and are never afraid to question things. If
you see a job that speaks to you, but where you feel the requirements are too high – apply
for it anyways. Don’t limit your ambitions, Réka says.