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“We will become the leading media destination in the Nordics”

Siv Juvik Tveitnes

Schibsted Media has a new strategy with a clear ambition; we are going to be the leading media destination in the Nordics. We sat down with Siv Juvik Tveitnes, future CEO of Schibsted Media, to have a chat about the new strategy.

So, Siv – to start, tell us a little bit about Schibsted Media?

Well, we have a unique position in the Nordics today. We are a digital and commercial force to be reckoned with. And our prize-winning, quality journalism is unrivalled, making a real difference in our communities. But we believe we can achieve even more. That’s why our new strategic ambition is to be the leading media destination in the Nordics, reaching and empowering millions of people in their daily lives through offerings with superior relevance.

It’s a big undertaking. What does it require of us?

Our new strategy outlines several things in detail, but let me give you a high-level overview. One of the most important things we have to do is to develop our offering. 

Providing news has always been our core business. Historically, we have therefore invested more in our news offerings and relatively less in entertainment and sports. And given our print paper history, we are stronger at the text format than audio and video. 

To win in the future, we need to adapt, by building our strength across media segments and formats. Our users, and especially our younger audiences below 35, desire more than just news. To meet their interests, we will develop our news products and expand our offers in sports and entertainment. We will continue to invest in audio. And we will significantly scale up video. Our offering has to be unique and complementary to win their loyalty long-term.

What else should we do, to win in the future?

We have to put our consumers first. We have many loyal consumers, who want to pay for and subscribe to our content. We have to establish a direct relationship with each of them, to win their attention and to stay their preferred choice. To do that, we will further develop our products and services in a consumer-centric ecosystem. We will deliver seamless, engaging, and personalised experiences, using the latest technology. This is how we will secure even better reach and stronger loyalty.

We have certain responsibilities in pursuing this strategy, don’t we?

Absolutely, as a media business, trust is our most important currency. Our unique position in society is built on it. We will fortify the trust that our audiences, advertisers, and communities have in us. We will do that by being transparent about our journalistic processes. We will continue to deliver verifiable and accurate facts in context, educating the younger generation. And we will handle everything – data, online security and products – with the greatest care.

So, what next? Do we have what it takes to succeed?

There is a great deal of opportunity in this. To succeed as a new company and execute our strategy, our greatest strength are our people. Because no company is better than the sum of the people who work there. And that’s why I’m incredibly eager to get started – because I have absolute faith that we have the very best people in place. With the team we have, Schibsted Media will become a playground for new ideas, solutions and innovation. And not least, free and independent journalism that makes a difference. We are about to change the Nordic media landscape and write new media history. It’s an exciting time to be in the business!