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Frequently asked questions

The Schibsted Share

How many shares has Schibsted issued?Schibsted has issued 102,962,278 A shares. and 127,970,691 B shares.
Who are the largest shareholders in Schibsted?An updated list of the largest shareholders can be found here.
What is the free float of the shares in Schibsted?The Tinius Trust holds 29.9 percent of the A-shares and 23.5 percent of the B-shares in Schibsted. The remaining 70 percent of the A-shares and 77 percent of the B-shares shares that are not treasury shares are in free float.
How many of Schibsted’s shares are held by non-Norwegian investors?Please see an updated overview here.
How does the Tinius Trust exercise its ownership in Schibsted?The Tinius Trust and its role as a Schibsted shareholder is described here.
Where can I find information regarding Schibsted’s share price performance?Schibsted’s website contains information on the company’s latest and historical share price performance here. It is also possible to calculate historical returns including dividends at this page.
Where are Schibsted shares traded, and what is the ticker symbol?Schibsted has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) since 1992. As of 1 June 2015, the Company established a dual share class strucutre. The ticker symbol of the A share is “SCHA” and of the B share “SCHB”.
Is there more than one class of Schibsted shares?Schibsted has two share classes; A and B. The A shares carry 10 votes each, whereas the B shares carry 1 vote each at the General Meeting. Otherwise the A shares and the B shares carry equal rights
Are there limitations on ownership or voting rights in Schibsted?Schibsted’s articles of association states that no shareholder may own or vote at the Annual General Meeting for more than 30% of the shares. More details regarding this in Schibsted’s Articles of association.
Which analysts follow Schibsted?Schibsted has a broad range of Norwegian and international financial analysts. A list of the analysts and their contact details are available here.