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From KTH to Schibsted Marketplaces

This summer, Alice Östling, a 21-year-old Industrial Engineering and Management student from KTH, is getting a taste of professional life at Schibsted Marketplaces. We caught up with Alice to learn more about her journey and her role as an Analytical Platform Administrator intern.

Alice is a dedicated student in her third year at KTH. Her decision to apply for the internship at Schibsted Marketplaces was driven by her desire to gain hands-on experience within the industry and explore the field of data analysis. “I saw it as a great opportunity to learn and gain experience within the industry,” she says. “I had heard about Schibsted before and found it exciting to work at a company with such a broad portfolio of brands.”

Alice is currently interning as an Analytical Platform Administrator in the Analytical Platforms team, which is responsible for the analytical platforms used by different brands in both Schibsted Marketplaces and Schibsted Media. Her daily tasks are varied and include managing the team’s support channels and tickets, assisting users with access issues, setting up new databases and handling ad-hoc tasks. The platforms she works with most frequently are Tableau, Snowflake and Amplitude.

Challenges and achievements
One of Alice’s key responsibilities this summer is managing the monthly invoicing process, which involves billing other teams for their usage of the analytical platforms. She is also working on a project to streamline this process by eliminating manual work and reducing the potential for errors. In addition, Alice is building and redesigning dashboards in Tableau to improve their aesthetic and functionality.

“I find it exciting working with so many different types of tasks, which means that if I get stuck somewhere, I can put that aside for a moment and focus on something else,” Alice shares. “I feel that I learn something new every day. My team is very supportive and I have been introduced to many different people in our department, which I appreciate. It is exciting working in a team that is responsible for something so important for the company.”

Why Schibsted Marketplaces
When asked why she chose Schibsted Marketplaces, Alice highlights the competence and passion of the people she has met. “Everyone I have met so far is extremely competent and very passionate about delivering results every single day,” she notes. She also enjoys the diverse and inclusive environment, with people from many different cultures and backgrounds.

Alice believes that students should choose Schibsted Marketplaces for the opportunity to work with amazing people and grow both personally and professionally. “You get the opportunity to work with amazing people from whom you learn every single day. As a student, it can be nerve-wracking to join a new workplace, but I feel that everyone has been so open and eager to meet me,” she says. “If you want to grow both personally and professionally, Schibsted Marketplaces is a great place to do so.”

Advice and recommendations
Alice feels that even as a junior, interns can make significant contributions to their teams and gain valuable real-world experience. “It is great to experience that even as a junior you can contribute significantly to the team you work for,” she explains. “It is great to receive some real experience of a work environment before graduating, as it is so different from studying. Sometimes, when you are in the classroom, it is hard to imagine when you will use what you have learned.”

Her advice to future interns is to be open, curious and proactive in seeking learning opportunities. “Never hesitate to ask questions; you are here to learn,” she advises. “Take every opportunity given to you, as you will most definitely learn something new from each experience. I would also advise interns to try to talk to and connect with as many people as possible, as you never know who will influence you.”