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Security in Schibsted

Schibsted Security

Schibsted continuously works to protect business, customer, and shareholder interests. Schibsted implements security measures that balance risk exposure, business value, vulnerabilities, and threats. 

Schibsted Security Policy

The Schibsted Security Policy is issued by Schibsted's Management Team, stating mandatory security requirements for Schibsted. It aims to control, facilitate and implement well-balanced security measures, including appropriate security and risk awareness, prevention, preparedness, and the ability to respond to, and recover from, incidents and changes in the environment. The Policy applies to Schibsted and its brands as their binding policy and is communicated on Schibsted's external website as well as on Schibsted's intranet.

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Security in Schibsted

The purpose of this document is to describe the general security work within Schibsted, which aims to achieve appropriate security levels according to legal, contractual, and business requirements.

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