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Growth & Investments

We drive growth and create value for customers and users.

We invest in great digital companies

We help smart founders and winning teams establish their products, scale their businesses internationally and maximise growth to become market leaders. We’re always on the lookout for disruptive, scalable and innovative business models that create unique value. Over the years, we’ve made investments in companies like Blocket, Prisjakt, Hitta, TV.nu, Let’s Deal, Lendo and many more. We’ve also successfully scaled concepts internationally.

Our offer to entrepreneurs


We provide funding to ambitious companies wanting to make a change and create unique value for consumers or businesses. So far we’ve helped more than 30 companies get a head-start on their journey to success.


Schibsted can offer deal-breaking expertise and a proven record of experience whether it’s within marketing, tech, HR, legal, finance or even a great office space.

Reach and marketing power

With almost 1 billion monthly visits we offer a reach far beyond the ordinary and a proven scale-up model. By leveraging our own media channels and marketplaces, we can create tailormade marketing that optimises both spread and real impact.

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How Schibsted is a driver for innovation and growth

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Sustainable investments

At Schibsted Ventures, we invest in disruptive, scalable and innovative businesses that create unique values and aim to become market leaders. We also believe sustainability is a fundamental part of building strong and successful businesses. As a responsible investor, owner and actor in the investment industry, we need to be constantly aware of how our investments impact society and the environment. It is equally important that we continue to support and guide our entrepreneurs to develop and adopt sustainable practices once they are part of our venture portfolio. Read more about Schibsted's strategic orientation and approach to sustainable investments throughout our investment process in our policy.

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Meet some of our entrepreneurs

Hypoteket - Carl-Johan Nordquist and Dag Wardaeus Rocker - Dennis AhlsénAnjali Bhatnagar, TørnTherese Cappelen, SYDAlexander Raknes, CampanyonEdgeir Vårdal Aksnes, TibberOla Degerfors, Hygglo Thuc Hoang, Firi

“Through Schibsted we can continue to find new potential business fields. We still control the company but have chosen Schibsted as our investor to get access to their great input and network. ”

Hypoteket - Carl-Johan Nordquist and Dag Wardaeus

Hypoteket was founded by Carl Johan Nordquist and Dag Wardaeus and is currently operating on the Swedish market. Hypoteket business idea is to disrupt the mortgage market by offering competitive morgages, financed by institutional investors, such as pension funds and insurance companies. The comapny uses Schibsteds channels to promote their products with successful results and is now growing rapidly.

“Although we are currently growing fast on our own, a great advantage onwards are the synergy effects we can create through Schibsted’s other companies.”

Rocker - Dennis Ahlsén

The experienced entrepreneurs Dennis Ahlsén, Mathias Johansson and Jonas Hultin had a vision to create a new alternative to traditional banks. In may 2017, Rocker was launched with a profound new take on banking operations. The offer is a 100% mobile bank, offering an attractive loan service to consumers.

“Schibsted is a long-term investor, who has all the prerequisites to be able to contribute to further growth and scaling of Tørn. The group has extensive expertise in the development of marketplaces and brand building, and they have the muscles we need for distribution, so that we can reach even more end users.”

Anjali Bhatnagar, Tørn

Tørn is a marketplace for the construction warehouses' surplus stock. As much as 5-15% of the inventory at the construction warehouses is not sold and is part of an industry with a turnover of 50 billion annually. The customer pays online, pick up at the department store or have the goods delivered - saving both time and money, and together fighting unnecessary waste.

“The fact that Schibsted chooses to support a period care company shows the importance of what we do. Having a dignified menstrual experience is not a women's issue, it is a human right.”

Therese Cappelen, SYD

SYD offers organic menstrual protection by subscription. All products are free of toxins and dyes and designed with both function and aesthetics in mind. The business model also includes a close collaboration with Save the Children, which means that for every package sold, SEK 3 goes to the organization's work for girls' opportunity to go to school during menstruation in parts of the world where safe protection is not available.

“Schibsted brings an opportunity for growth within marketing, sales and development in both existing and new markets. Many have opened their eyes to camping, outdoor life and various types of farm tourism. in recent years and the market has enormous potential. ”

Alexander Raknes, Campanyon

Campanyon offers a digital marketplace for camping, tents, glamping and hammocks, among other things. The sustainable holiday trend, where experiences close to nature and accommodation are central, continues to grow. The service, which was launched in April 2021 by founders Alexander Raknes and Kristian Qwist, has rapidly become a popular booking platform for various campsites and forms of accommodation. The platform works in much the same way as Airbnb where the user either registers as a host or books accommodation.

“I am incredibly happy that Schibsted has taken the helm and demonstrated such faith in us. We have established a good collaboration in a short time, and I look forward to tackling the next challenges together with them.”

Edgeir Vårdal Aksnes, Tibber

Tibber is the smart digital energy provider founded in 2016 by Norwegian Edgeir Vårdal Aksnes and Swedish Daniel Lindén. Their app replaces traditional utilities with smart technology, and supplies households with renewable energy at purchase prices. Tibber’s vision is to make sustainable energy consumption simple and affordable for all households, and their mission is to reduce the residential energy consumption for European households by 20 percent. This is made possible by their app that provides consumers real-time analytics into energy usage, and pairs with a variety of smart home devices to reduce energy consumption at home.

“In general, the consumption in the western world is driven by low prices and large volumes, a wear-and-tear culture you could call it. We would rather see a consumption that is driven by quality and where the things you buy are used much more than they are today, mainly through sharing and reuse.”

Ola Degerfors, Hygglo

Hygglo is the Nordic's largest peer-2-peer rental platform. the Company was founded in 2016 by Ola Degerfors and Axel Hellström with the simple motto: "Things should be used". With Hygglo you earn money from renting out the things you don't use every day and rent the things you need, when you need them.

“Our ambition is to make it safe and easy for customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. We are pleased to have Schibsted Ventures as a new investor especially now that Firi is facing a Scandinavian expansion. Together we will be able to accelerate our growth and expand to both Sweden and Denmark and continue to lead the cryptocurrency trading in Scandinavia. ”

Thuc Hoang, Firi

Firi is a cryptocurrency platform established in 2017 by technicians who wanted to create a platform for trading of cryptocurrency that is easy, safe and fully compliant. Firi has grown to become a versatile team with headquarters at Aker Brygge, Oslo. With more than 125,000 customers, Firi is the largest platform for cryptocurrency trading in Scandinavia.

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