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Modern Javascript development – a rethink

Tiny libraries. Doing one thing well. A blessing and a curse…?

Composing full stack web applications with React

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Want to explore how we plan to create and maintain full-stack web applications with reactive views and universal rendering? Then keep reading. Or just head right to the action. React React by Facebook has gained a lot of traction the last few years. React gives developers a way of defining

JavaScript: What the hell is this!?

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In this post we will cover some JavaScript basics with focus on areas experienced JavaScripters take for granted; but beginners sometimes struggle with.. If you fall somewhere in between then maybe this post will teach you something new!

Varnish + HTTP Cache: An intro guide for web developers – Part 1

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Varnish, the web application accelerator: Varnish development was initiated as a project within VG as a direct response to increasing demand hitting our servers hard. Existing caching systems were simply not fast or flexible enough to deal with VGs needs; and so Varnish was born with it’s first official release