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Node and systemd, BFF!

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Since Centos7 was released in July, a “nondesktop” distro(other than rhel7 ofc) is using systemd. Like it, hate it or discuss it, systemd is here to stay. As we have been discussing internally how to manage startup of nodejs apps, using monit/pm2/others has been alternatives, and now, imho, systemd is

Deploying apps in OpenShift

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After you’ve set up OpenShift with a node or two, deploying applications is as easy as it gets. You can do lots of stuff in the broker console, but RHC is the way to go: RHC is a RubyGem installed like all others:

To set it up:

Building your own PaaS

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In this series, I’ll go through installing, using and extending Openshift Origin, a Platform as a Service (PaaS), developed by RedHat. Check it out at What is Openshift? In short, Openshift consists of two things: A broker, and a node. (or two brokers for redundancy and hundred nodes for