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How a research roadtrip made us understand our users better

7 days, 3 researchers, 1400 km by car, 33 interviews. This is how we went about finding out what Schibsted Media’s users outside of Oslo thinks about our products.

They make sure Sweden’s favorite news product runs smoothly

There is no place to hide for this product development team in Aftonbladet: Just about everyone in Sweden has an opinion about their work!

A picture is worth a thousand words

Image recognition is a big trend within machine learning and the technology is making its way into Schibsted’s products. Learn more in this article.

How user revenue has become a growth engine in news media

user revenue

In just a few years user revenue has become a pillar in the digital business model for news media. What happened?

How good products enable modern journalism

In order for journalism to keep its promise of keeping power in check and enlighten people, it is essential that the products that deliver that journalism keep up with users’ ever-growing expectations.

How Schibsted has created a “future hub” to find new business models

Wanted: New media business ideas! But how? Schibsted has created the “future hub” Next Media to explore.

The Omni Next team built a platform used by four brands

The Omni Next team built a platform that is used by four brands – all focused on smart curation of content. Now the team gets ready for the next phase – to be more data-driven.

Earth Hour Hack Day at

Earth Hour hack day at Finn

How we as developers and designers can save the world. Even if it’s only a little bit.

They give ad sellers the tools to bring in the big bucks

The Rose and Vantage teams

This team better not mess up at work: Last year ads for more than 100 million Euro were booked through the sales tool they built.

How Schibsted uses machine learning to recommend content

A new profession is playing an important role in how content will be presented on Schibsted´s news sites: Data scientists. Meet the machine learning team!

This team makes Schibsted´s news apps super-fast

The Stockholm part of the iOS team: Jonas Salling and Yuwen He in front, Anton Dasismont, Maciej Banasiewicz and Gabriel Minarik in the back

Nothing matters more than speed for the iOS product development team in Schibsted News Media.  Soon also VG will launch on their super-fast app.

How Schibsted creates one design system for multiple news brands

Can news sites as different as Fædrelandsvennen and Aftonbladet be based on the same design elements? Yes, says the team that is building a design system for all of Schibsted´s publishers.