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How we protected ourselves from the Dependency Confusion attack

Dependency Confusion

Apple, Microsoft, Tesla and many others paid $130 000 to a single hacker for a supply chain attack called Dependency Confusion. Here is how we have mitigated this attack vector for our packages hosted in our internal Artifactory instance.

They make sure Sweden’s favorite news product runs smoothly

There is no place to hide for this product development team in Aftonbladet: Just about everyone in Sweden has an opinion about their work!

The Omni Next team built a platform used by four brands

The Omni Next team built a platform that is used by four brands – all focused on smart curation of content. Now the team gets ready for the next phase – to be more data-driven.

Earth Hour Hack Day at

Earth Hour hack day at Finn

How we as developers and designers can save the world. Even if it’s only a little bit.

They give ad sellers the tools to bring in the big bucks

The Rose and Vantage teams

This team better not mess up at work: Last year ads for more than 100 million Euro were booked through the sales tool they built.

This team makes Schibsted´s news apps super-fast

The Stockholm part of the iOS team: Jonas Salling and Yuwen He in front, Anton Dasismont, Maciej Banasiewicz and Gabriel Minarik in the back

Nothing matters more than speed for the iOS product development team in Schibsted News Media.  Soon also VG will launch on their super-fast app.

Lookalikes: Finding needles in a haystack

At Schibsted, we use data science to build models that aggregate user behaviors and preferences. Advertisers can combine these to allocate users in groups, known as targeting segments.

JSLT: An open source language for JSON processing

Man infront of a computer

JSLT is a language for querying and transforming JSON that runs 9 billion transforms every day at Schibsted. We are now open sourcing it so anyone can use it.

Illuminate your path using Kotlin to build your new Android custom components

Ally with trees

Kotlin is the new chaos that suddenly penetrated all the tech teams all over the world. Google fully supported Kotlin, integrated it into their Android Studio IDE and considered it a stable language. As a result of this movement, soft or even brute actions need to be considered to be

Eliminating duplicates in an ever-growing content nightmare

stack with newspaper

Imagine this: You’re a marketplace website. You rely on content created by users to deliver a quality product to the general public, with minimum intervention from your side. Because at the end, you’re just a connection between the buyer and the seller. Now, how do you deliver the best user

Comparing three solutions for estimating population sizes

cup cakes

In an earlier post we discussed a service to estimate the number of unique visitors to a website. In this article we explore the algorithms we used to build the system: HLL (HyperLogLog) and KMV (Kth Minimal Value) and evaluate each.

Five checkups to increase your e-commerce sales before Black Friday

So you have been working on your e-commerce platform and you are almost ready for joining the Hotsale Season (BuenFin or Black Friday). Below you can find a preparation guide and a checklist to make sure your platform will not let you down.