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How a research roadtrip made us understand our users better

7 days, 3 researchers, 1400 km by car, 33 interviews. This is how we went about finding out what Schibsted Media’s users outside of Oslo thinks about our products.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Image recognition is a big trend within machine learning and the technology is making its way into Schibsted’s products. Learn more in this article. 

How Schibsted has created a “future hub” to find new business models

Wanted: New media business ideas! But how? Schibsted has created the “future hub” Next Media to explore.

Earth Hour Hack Day at

Earth Hour hack day at Finn

How we as developers and designers can save the world. Even if it’s only a little bit.

How Schibsted creates one design system for multiple news brands

Can news sites as different as Fædrelandsvennen and Aftonbladet be based on the same design elements? Yes, says the team that is building a design system for all of Schibsted´s publishers.

Design and Copy: Secret Best Friends

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right words, carefully chosen, take you on a living, breathing journey. That is the role of good copywriting.

What do Customer Support know about customers?

Discover what your users REALLY think ?

Using concept sketches to foster communication

Improve communication and teamwork with this fun, no-pressure exercise Getting organizations to collaborate on design in a healthy way can be difficult. The user experience (UX) is the only part of any product that everyone will see and interact with, and many will have strong opinions on what it should

Measuring Lostness

Everyone wants a useful metric for measuring how effective your product is (or at least I do). The lostness metric is just the thing: it can tell you how lost users are when they use your product.

Experimental Apps For Internal Users

How can the development of a mobile app prototype provide insights into user workflows and scenarios? Can it make those users rethink how mobile devices support them?

A brief guide to mapping the user experience

User Experience Maps (or User Journey Maps) are a simple but effective tool for understanding how users experience your product.