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Vektklubb Android-app available

We recently released an Android application for – a product that helps you lose weight, stay in shape and become healthier. The app is a simple WebView-based wrapper, but we hope this can help new and existing users discover the mobile version of the product. You can download the

VGTV available as XBMC plugin

If you are a user of XBMC (a free and open source media player / media center solution),   you might be interested in the recently released VGTV plugin for the platform.

Speed up websites using DNS prefetching

We recently added a couple of lines of HTML to our mobile website that potentially speeds it up for users with recent browsers (Chrome and Firefox, at the time of writing). The technique might not work for all sites, but it applied very well to ours. I’ll explain how and

Getting Bash Completion for Remote Subversion Paths

Do you want automatic completion for remote paths when using svn in bash? Do you want to switch easier between branches? I’ve written a small script that gives you autocompletion for all remote paths.

Using Elastica to query elasticsearch

The last couple of months I have been playing around with elasticsearch, an open source, distributed, RESTful search engine built on top of Apache Lucene. To interact with elasticsearch in PHP I have been using a client called Elastica. This was all fun and games until I needed to do

Lazy Loading Resources with Zend Framework Bootstrap

The Bootstrapping process in Zend Framework isn’t perfect. You’ll often end up bootstrapping a lot of resources that you don’t need to complete the request. Depending on the resources this can be really expensive and hurt your overall performance. The worst kind are resources that open connections to external services

Strip HTML from a string in Javascript

Quick tip; never use innerHTML (or jQuery’s html()) unless you really want to insert HTML. Quite often, what you actually want is to insert some text. If this is the case, use innerText (or jQuery’s text()). Should you need to strip HTML from a string (say you are building a

Don’t Hardcode PHP Executable Path In Shebang

Some time ago I saw a

Safari on iOS 5 Randomly Switches Images, Part 3

We are still digging deeper into the imagebug problem we’ve mentioned in part 1 and part 2. We’ve not been able to create a synthetic setup that triggers the bug, but managed to automate, identify, alert and log using our production environment.

Safari on iOS 5 Randomly Switches Images, Part 2

This post is a follow-up to Safari on iOS 5 randomly switches images. In our case almost all of the images on the front page has unique height * width combinations. Since our CMS sets the image size with height/width attributes in the element and rescales the image file to fit

Safari on iOS 5 Randomly Switches Images

Since the release of iOS 5 we’ve received several bug reports about images randomly displaying the wrong image(s) on our front page for smartphones. It seems to be completely random and could affect any of the images, anywhere and anyhow. During one week we would receive anywhere between two and

Running multiple versions of PHPUnit

The latest version of PHPUnit (3.6.4 at the time of this writing) does not play well with the Zend Framework extensions (Zend_Test_PHPUnit). After asking Matthew Weier O’Phinney about this he answered that they had standardized on PHPUnit-3.4 for ZF1. Having just upgraded to the latest version of PHPUnit on our