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Getting into business with Prometheus

FINN has moved towards an architecture of microservices and uses a number of technologies – Prometheus included – to identify and fix service outages.

Two-way data binding without RxJava

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A couple of weeks ago, this article by Radosław Piekarz got some traction on /r/androiddev. While I am a fan of RxJava myself we use it extensively in our apps at, I feel this example was not the best use case for it. As others point out in the comment field, this

SwiftFormat (Part 3 of 3)

In part 2 I discussed in detail how SwiftFormat’s parser and formatting rules are implemented. Swift is a very complex language, and although it’s syntax is fairly regular, there are a lot of edge cases. So how is it possible to write and maintain the rules that handle all of

SwiftFormat (Part 2 of 3)

In part 1 I talked about recursive descent parsers, and how they can be used to process complex structured text such as a programming language. Let’s now take a look at how SwiftFormat’s parser is implemented.

SwiftFormat (Part 1 of 3)

SwiftFormat solves the tabs vs spaces argument forever! OK, maybe not, but it might help Swift developers to get along. So what is SwiftFormat? Why did I make it? And how does it work?

Your Life in Classifieds: Predicting Age from Marketplace Data

Your age can be accurately predicted from your behavior on classified sites. Here’s how…

Experimental Apps For Internal Users

How can the development of a mobile app prototype provide insights into user workflows and scenarios? Can it make those users rethink how mobile devices support them?

Javazone 2016 – more than just Java

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This is the second year I’m attending Javazone in Oslo – a large IT-conference of the highest international standard, by and for the Java community. Although the Java technology is at the core, the topics range from front-end to back-end and infrastructure, security, architecture, patterns and processes. In short, you

Austria’s most-visited website and the Software Load Balancer

Surely, running the most-visited website in Austria on a software load balancer is impossible? No, with HAProxy it’s totally do-able.

A Google Design Sprint at Schibsted

The Schibsted sprint experience: three lessons learnt and free resources to download.

Effective Product Development: A Cross-Discipline Perspective

Collaboration isn’t just a buzzword. Here’s an example of working across disciplines in Schibsted Media Group.

Using OKRs in the Media Industry

The media industry has and is still going through tremendous and rapid change. The transition from print to digital, from desktop to mobile, from traditional display advertising to programmatic, from primary news distributor to content provider for new social distribution platforms, from broadcast journalism to personalised experiences, from local competition