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A brief guide to mapping the user experience

User Experience Maps (or User Journey Maps) are a simple but effective tool for understanding how users experience your product.

Product Principles = Better Products

Good product principles = better products. Here’s why…

Engaging audiences through emojis

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Apps are evolving to be more than just functionality available behind an app icon on a users home screen. Custom keyboards, widgets, notifications, 3D touch, extensions and siri integration are among the many ways developers can now engage with users outside the confines of the traditional smartphone app on the

The WWWW guide to refactoring

Why? When? Who? What? Are you refactoring your codebase? Here are some essentials…

Modern Javascript development – a rethink

Tiny libraries. Doing one thing well. A blessing and a curse…?

Becoming a tech company

Deploying technology does not make you a tech company. Here is why.

Product Management Fundamentals: The Why, How and What

“Why” does the role of product manager exist?

Dealing With the 65K Methods Limit on Android

How did our Android development team at deal with the 65K methods limit…? We’re glad you asked!

Splitting a storyboard in Objective-C/Swift mixed legacy projects

How would you split a storyboard into multiple smaller storyboards?  Why would you? Marius Waldal, senior software developer with Finn, explains the reasoning, examines the problems, and attempts an answer.

Improving usability for Aftonbladet video pages

Our video pages needed a redesign, so we did a usability study…

Why I love Docker

I’ve been using Docker for a year now, developing and deploying both professional and pet projects, and I love it. In fact, it’s so much better than my previous stack (a mix of Vagrant and Puppet) that I’ve made a video of my top five reasons for loving Docker!

How to async in JavaScript

I’d like to share some different ways of writing asynchronous code in JavaScript. Whether you’re writing for the browser or building complex Node.js apps, here are some popular techniques and more experimental solutions to improve the quality and readability of your code.