Student ambassador


As a student ambassador at Schibsted you will be an important part of the Employer Branding team and represent Schibsted as an employer at your university. Your most important task is to share information about Schibsted as an employer with your co-students, university and network.

As a student ambassador for Schibsted, you will be employed as an hourly paid job for one year (two semesters). You will be given flexible working hours since the amount of work will vary from month to month. It also depends on the number of projects you initiate! Being a student ambassador at Schibsted means that you will represent Schibsted at your university which includes

    • Coordinate Schibsted’s presence at university fairs
    • Organize and coordinate student events at your university and at the Schibsted office
    • Contribute to our social media channels
    • Recruit students to the Schibsted ambassador program
    • Be creative and take initiatives around other activities for students


Open positions

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Meet former ambassadors


Hi, my name is Tone, and I study UX and informatics at the University of Oslo. During the last year I’ve been working as a student ambassador alongside my studies. I’ve learnt a lot about myself, future career opportunities, and the tech business. Let me take you through my year at Schibsted!

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“It is so unique to be valued as an expert in what students want and need, and what student life is like. We were welcomed with open arms and I have really felt at home at Schibsted.” – Amalia, KTH.


“The best part of working as a student ambassador is that you get a unique opportunity to explore Schibsted and all the people working there. Your only limitations, with regards to projects and initiatives, is your own curiosity! – Hanne, University of Oslo.


“I learned a lot during my year as student ambassador, by challenging myself and organising both small and big events. I also pushed myself to find creative solutions when the pandemic impacted many of our plans. Other than that, I got to know so many talented people across various departments at Schibsted!” – Nikolija, NTNU


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