Published 2022-04-22

Schibsted announces Thesis of the Year Award in Responsible AI in Sweden

To celebrate young talent and reward work of public interest, Schibsted is establishing a thesis award for outstanding master students researching responsible AI.

The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a set of technologies with enormous potential to impact people and the planet. Leveraging them in sustainable ways requires diverse perspectives and bright ideas, and at Schibsted we want to celebrate those contributing with new perspectives in the field. We are therefore excited to announce our first ever Thesis of the Year Award in Responsible AI!

The purpose of the thesis award is to stimulate and grow interest in practical implementations of responsible AI in the media and/or digital services field. The  award will go to the author(s) of the best master thesis in responsible AI written at a Swedish university during the academic year 21/22 (fall and spring semester).

Students are welcome to nominate themselves or peers for the Thesis of the Year award through this online nomination until August 15th 2022. We welcome nominations from domains including but not limited to computer science, philosophy, law, business and management, and art.

The winner will be selected by a Schibsted jury. The following criterias will guide the selection process:

  • Relate to the topics of fairness, accountability, sustainability or transparency. The research should be about or clearly relate to these topics.
  • Iluminate emerging opportunities, trends, or issues. The research should be forward-looking and offer new insights into opportunities or risks related to responsible AI.
  • Focus on people’s daily lives. The research should focus on responsible AI as applied in everyday products and services.

A selected group of finalists will be invited to present their research at Schibsted. The winner will receive a stipend of 10 000 SEK to further their interests in the field of responsible AI, e.g. by taking a course or financing a field trip. They will also be paired with a mentor working with AI at Schibsted who will offer coaching and advice to the student(s).

Are you researching explainability in AI systems? Studying AI ethics guideline implementations? Creating a new tool for bias audits? We are eager to learn about your work and hope to see your thesis nominated!

You can upload your thesis here. Please note that we will only accept theses which have been approved by their home universities.

For questions about  the thesis award, please contact Agnes Stenbom (Responsible AI Specialist,

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