Published 2022-06-17

Schibsted Connect – your door to insights and new contacts


Schibsted Connect is a mutual mentorship program where students are connected with Schibsted employees during a 7 month-long program. For the students, it’s a great opportunity to have a mentor who has a few years of experience in the work-life and for the employees at Schibsted, it allows for reflection and inspiration from a young talent.

Schibsted Connect 2021-2022 has just come to an end, and we have met one of the 65 Schibsted Connect couples.

Meet Michelle, the mentor buddy
Michelle Raye has worked in the Finance Transformation department in Schibsted for two years, where she works as a Business Process Analyst.

– My main task is to analyze different processes within Finance and make any recommendations to improve the process and then implement the changes in our IT systems and functional processes within the business.

How did you hear about the program Schibsted Connect?
– I joined the program because I wanted to explore more of what Schibsted has to offer to its employees and be more active in the Schibsted community. My workplace is important to me and I want to contribute where I am able. When I heard about the program through our intranet I was immediately intrigued and thought it would be fun to connect with young adults who are planning their next steps in their careers.

Can you describe some of the topics you and your student buddy have discussed?
– My student buddy and I have talked about so many things and covered many topics. I feel we never had a dull moment during our Connect dates. A few of the topics we always circled back to was, I think, how you are always allowed to change your mind and that nothing is ‘written in stone’, the importance of being honest and humble at your workplace, and creating good relationships with those you work with is key because, at the end of the day, you are working with human beings with feelings. 

What kind of lessons learned and inspiration have you experienced during the program?
-One of the greatest things I have learned through this program is to reflect on my past choices I have made throughout my career, and see where it has brought me today. I have never really thought that my experience would be helpful to anyone else but myself, but my student buddy reminded me how it is to be at a cross-road and trying to figure out these big questions about your career. It was really inspiring to hear about her progress and the choices she made. The program was a very humble and grounding experience.

Meet Victoria, the student buddy
Michelle’s student buddy was Victoria Anthonsen, a 22-year-old Norwegian who currently lives in Copenhagen and has just handed in her Bachelor’s thesis at Copenhagen Business School.

– Besides my studies, I work as a portfolio analyst for a company and I play football at CBS Sport. After this summer, I will start on my Master’s at CBS as well.

How come you joined Schibsted Connect?
It was last semester, when I exchanged to Hawaii, that I first saw the announcement for this program. I was at the university in a lecture scrolling on my computer, and then the Schibsted Connect program just came up. I had never heard of it before, but it seemed interesting, so I just applied imminently. Before that lecture was over, I had already sent my application!

Can you describe some of the areas you and your mentor buddy at Schibsted have discussed?
– We have talked a lot about what opportunities I have as a student, apart from the typical “bachelor to master to job” path that is natural for many. I have also faced a number of choices in my early career, and my buddy has been an incredibly good mentor to have here, talking about her own experience from the past and giving helpful guidance.

Would you recommend other students to join the program and why?
– Yes! It is very nice to have a buddy/mentor who has gone through the same thing as you as an insecure student! Tips and advice from a buddy can be beneficial and not to mention, you will expand your network as well. Apply today!?

A new application round opens at the beginning of September. Read more about Schibsted Connect