The first investments in the internet and new media

Schibsted nett logo

1995 marks the year when Schibsted in many ways made the transition from a newspaper organization to a fully-fledged media corporation.

The acquisition of Oslonett AS marks the first serious step into the emerging electronic media market. Oslonett becomes Schibsted Nett (which subsequently becomes SOL).


  • In light of changing market, technology and licensing conditions, the focus shifts to developing a long-term strategy. The result is a new vision: Schibsted’s ambition is to become Scandinavia’s leading media enterprise by being the preferred content provider of readers, viewers and advertisers, regardless of choice of media.


  • The Mutter group, a merger of the Swedish companies Meter and Mekano, is acquired by Schibsted. Metronome Productions in Denmark is acquired a year later. The three national production companies Mutter, Metronome and Schibsted’s Norwegian company Rubicon, are consolidated to form Metronome Film & Television.


  • The acquisition of a share in Kanal 2, Estonia’s largest private television channel, marks Schibsted’s first step into the Baltic media market. Schibsted takes on the challenge posed by the new electronic media.