Published 2015-05-26

A Schibsted Talk on keeping up with change

Be someone who enjoys using data to back your decisions, says Espen Sundve, Chief Product and technology Officer at VG.

Espen Sundve and the team at VG strive to create amazing user experiences and adapt the best of journalism with the best of technology. In this Schibsted Talk, he lets you in on the skill set and insights that are needed to do so.

“All tech companies are fighting for the same attention. We have great content – and we need to understand how to engage people in different ways. (…) How we storytell – making use of the right time, place, mode and level of insight.”

“I don’t believe journalism will seize to exist. Challenging the society will always be important. We exist to challenge, to ensure democracy. That doesn’t change, but the tools on how to do it is changing,” he says.

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