Published 2013-09-26

Aftonbladet wins European innovation award

Aftonbladet’s news leads service Tipsa was named European Innovation of the Year at the prestigious Digital Communications Awards ceremony in Berlin.

One of the team members that helped launch the readers’ service is Marianne Schvarcz, Project Manager, Digital Development.

“The philosophy behind the project was that everyone should contribute,” says Schvarcz. The Tipsa service in Aftonbladet’s mobile app provides readers with a fast and easy way to share news leads, images and video clips about breaking news stories. 

Using local push notifications, the editorial desk can ask for news leads directly from readers who find themselves on the scene of breaking news events.

“At Aftonbladet we’re so used to having to reach 300,000 or 2.5 million people. But in this case it is vital to have the right people in place, and there aren’t so many of them,” says Schvarcz.

The increase in the number of news leads from readers is one indication that the service works, but awards like the one presented on Friday in Berlin is another.

Tipsa was launched in November last year and has already managed to win the award for best innovation in Schibsted’s own Journalism Award.