Published 2015-01-23

Blocket among Sweden’s strongest brands

Rising to the 7th place in the ranking of Sweden’s strongest brands, Blocket now generates more buzz than Apple and Google.

Every year, the market research firm YouGov ranks Sweden’s strongest brands, and in 2014 Blocket has climbed up the ranking from 10th to 7th place. Volvo came out on top, followed by ICA and IKEA.

“We already held a strong position last year, and are incredibly proud of having climbed even higher in 2014. This is proof that we’re doing the right things and that Blocket continues to be one of Sweden’s most popular brands,” says Anna Backe, Head of Marketing at Blocket.

The ranking is based on ‘buzz’; in other words, on which brands have generated the most positive brand noise. Buzz scores are calculated on the basis of feedback from respondents who are asked if they have heard anything positive or negative about a brand during the past two weeks in advertisements, the news media, or from friends and family. The buzz score is the net value of the proportion of respondents reporting positive feedback minus the proportion reporting negative.

Sweden’s strongest brands:

1. Volvo
2. ICA
4. Michelin
5. Samsung
6. Clas Ohlson
7. Blocket
8. Volkswagen
9. Google
10. Apple