Published 2015-08-06

Cho Tot’s Street Style Office

When ChoTot in Vietnam was going to freshen up its office they wanted the new design to stimulate innovation and encourage interaction.

Being Vietnam’s largest classifieds site and one of the best know brands, chose “Saigon Street” for its new office design concept. When you enter ChoTot’s office in Ho Chi Minh City today, you get the feeling you are working on the streets of the dynamic city, surrounded by beautiful roads, street signs and food stalls. In the open space environment there is no distance between the staff and the managers, which contributes to productive collaboration. There are also several cozy discussion corners decorated with a wooden swing, colorful beanbags and armchairs, bringing a fresh working atmosphere into daily working life.

The huge pantry with a stunning view of the city is the new favorite area for all the employees. It is built as a food street with beautiful stools, a classic food vendor cart and coffee shop on a concrete floor.

“By creating a more dynamic workspace, we give a great first impression to new talents that we want to welcome. The new interior design provokes a desire in our visitors to explore the office space. More importantly, the comfortable environment also provides new energy for employees while significantly improving collaboration and encourage interactions,” says Thuy Vo, Office Administrator at ChoTot.

International attention

Cho Tot’s new offices have already been displayed in , one of the world’s leading and most comprehensive online office design resources. ​It has also been covered in an article in Vietnam’s online newspaper