Published 2015-06-01

First day of trading in B-shares and ex-date split today – approval of prospectus

Today is the first day of trading in Schibsted ASA’s B-shares. The A-shares in Schibsted ASA will accordingly be traded ex split from and including today.

Statement issued by the Tinius Trust on the first day of listing of Schibsted’s Class B shares on Oslo Børs.

The amendments of the articles of association creating the B-shares were registered in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises after end of trading on 29 May 2015 and the revised articles of association can be found on: After completion of the split the share capital of the company is NOK 108 003 615,-, divided on 108 003 615 A-shares with a nominal value of NOK 0.50 and 108 003 615 B-shares with a nominal value of 0.50. The B-shares are ordinary, fully- paid shares carrying equal rights with the A-shares in all respects except that the B-shares are low-voting shares with only one vote per share while the A-shares have 10 votes per share.

The B-shares will be delivered to the shareholders of Schibsted ASA as of 2 June 2015 (record date). The B-shares will be visible on the eligible shareholders’ VPS-accounts in the morning of 3 June 2015.


  • New face value: NOK 0.50
  • ISIN A-shares (no change): NO000308904
  • Ticker A-shares (change): SCHA (name: Schibsted ser.A,)
  • ISIN B-shares: NO0010736879
  • Ticker B-shares: SCHB (name: Schibsted ser. B)

The Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority has approved the listing prospectus for the B-shares. The listing prospectus is available at and or in hardcopy from Schibsted’s headquarters at:

Apotekergaten 10

0180 Oslo, Norway

Tel: +47 23 10 66 00


Or SEB’s Oslo office at:


Filipstad Brygge 1

Postboks 1363 Vika

0252 Oslo, Norway

Tel:  +47 22 82 70 00

Important information: It should be noted that for technical reasons the share split will be completed in the settlement system of VPS as a demerger.