Published 2014-12-16

Google and Apple recommend Fotocasa and Segundamano

The efforts of SCM Spain’s mobile teams to improve their sites’ apps have paid off with recommendations and glory from Google and Apple.

Since the beginning of 2014, SCM Spain’s main goal has been to offer an excellent service to our users on all devices. The product vision is to be the marketplace that users can access through any device and from anywhere.

2014 has been a key year for SCM Spain’s mobile teams and they have been working hard to improve their apps. This effort has now been rewarded by Google and Apple, who have distinguished and chosen SCM Spain’s apps among the best of 2014. ‘an essential app’

The appreciation of the Fotocasa app relies on the new 4.7 version for Android. This version has been optimized for tablets, especially for Android L (last version of the OS, also named Lollipop).

“Improving the app in order to be recommended by Google has represented a big challenge for us. But this recognition is definitely worth it,” says Wilfredo Pérez Rivero, Mobile Tech Lead in, SCM Spain’s real estate site. apps amongst the best in 2014 is one of Spain’s leading generalist classifieds sites. The app for iPhone has been chosen by Apple as one of the best free apps in Spain. This app was entirely re-launched in March and has been one of the most downloaded apps in Spain throughout the year.

The Android version has also been chosen as one of the ‘best of the year’ – actually for the second year in a row! The last version of the app (5.0) has been reviewed and designed completely based on Material Design in close collaboration with Google. This new version is focused on improving the user experience (UX) and allowing users to browse in an easy, quick and intuitive way when buying and selling products.

Santiago Dell Aquila (Product Owner) explains:

“Mobile represents both big challenges and great opportunities, and lots of things should be improved even more. The recognition from Apple is very encouraging both for the Segundamano team and SCM Spain as a whole. We will keep fighting, day by day, to achieve Google’s recognition as a Top Developer.”