Published 2020-05-20

Jussi Lystimäki appointed CEO of Schibsted Marketplaces Finland

Schibsted seeks to expand its presence in Finland.

Jussi Lystimäki, CEO Schibsted Marketplaces Finland

Schibsted’s mission is to provide leading online marketplaces, to build world-class media houses, and to help great companies scale. Schibsted has been on this mission in Finland with already for over a decade and is now strengthening its presence in Finland with new leadership, as Jussi Lystimäki is appointed CEO of Schibsted Marketplaces Finland, starting 1 June 2020.

Jussi Lystimäki first joined Schibsted in 2009 to launch, and built it to a leading position within general merchandise. Since 2016, he has worked in Barcelona, building up Schibsted’s European marketplaces portfolio of Emerging Markets which are part of Adevinta’s operations since the spin-off of the company last year. For the last two years, Lystimäki has been the VP of Ventures in Adevinta, investing in the next wave of online marketplaces.

He has more than two decades of experience in executive and Board roles in internet companies and online marketplaces globally, and has launched and grown startups in Finland, the UK and Israel since the early 1990s. Over the last two years, Lystimäki has invested all his energy and skills into building and growing Adevinta’s New Models with great success.

Schibsted is looking to expand its presence in Finland, and Lystimäki’s expertise from his previous roles will be of great value. Christian Printzell Halvorsen, EVP Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces, states:

“We believe there are big opportunities in Finland within the marketplaces segment, and Jussi is the perfect candidate to develop the position of both Tori and Schibsted in Finland. His extensive knowledge of Schibsted and his recent experience from Adevinta is highly relevant in his new role.”

Jussi Lystimäki is excited about returning to Tori and Schibsted. He says:

“I firmly believe that the foundation Tori has laid during the past decade is a great platform to build on to further strengthen both Tori and Schibsted’s position in Finland. Schibsted has been successfully developing the whole online marketplace ecosystem in Norway and Sweden, building better services for consumers and customers. We are excited to utilize learnings from those markets in order to develop something new and innovative in the Finnish market, together with local innovators and startups.”

As Jussi Lystimäki takes over the role of CEO of Schibsted Marketplaces Finland, Juha Meronen, will leave his position as CEO of Tori. Both Christian Printzell Halvorsen and the rest of Schibsted management are truly grateful for the job Meronen has done:

“I would like to thank Juha for his efforts in leading Tori and establishing the brand in the digital services market. So many great things have happened under his leadership. Juha is now leaving and passing the baton to Jussi, which in turn gives us new opportunities.”
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