Published 2018-01-22

Karin Pettersson becomes Director of Public Policy in Schibsted

In her new role, Pettersson will pursue strategic issues that affect how Schibsted, as a digital market leader, can develop and further strengthen its position.

The newly established role also includes monitoring and analyzing key political processes that affect Schibsted Group and Schibsted Media in Sweden, Norway and the rest of Europe.

“Understanding the role that Schibsted plays in societal development is becoming increasingly important and is crucial for the Group’s strategy and business ahead. The recruitment of Karin Pettersson to this role is a bold decision to get a powerful force to drive this work,” said Raoul Grünthal, CEO of Schibsted Media.

Karin Pettersson’s new position as Director of Public Policy is largely externally focused and includes contributing to Schibsted Media’s strategy in the new media landscape, and to be responsible for third party relations with eg. Facebook and Google.

“The development of the media landscape is one of the most important social changes in our time. Understanding how companies like Schibsted will relate to this is a key issue for journalism, democracy and our business,” said Karin Pettersson.

Karin Pettersson has been the political editor of Aftonbladet since autumn 2010. She was the founder of the Fokus newspaper and was also its editor-in-chief. Karin Pettersson has also worked as Communications Manager for the Social Democrats. In 2016 and 2017, she was on leave to study at Harvard as a fellow of the Nieman Foundation and the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society.

“I have loved every day at Aftonbladet. Last year, I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge of journalism and technology. Now, it’s time to transform knowledge in a new way, and I am very pleased to work with these issues within and on behalf of Schibsted, one of Europe’s most exciting and innovative media companies,” said Karin Pettersson.

Karin Pettersson will start her new position on February 15, when she will also leave her position as Political Editor of Aftonbladet. The recruitment of successors has begun.