Published 2016-06-15

Leader of the Norwegian Labour Party visited Schibsted

On Monday, the leader of the Norwegian Labour Party, Jonas Gahr Støre, visited Schibsted Sweden and Schibsted Growth in Stockholm.

The discussion focused on digital trends, Scandinavian co-operation, start-up environments and the differences and similarities between Norway and Sweden in these areas.

“Schibsted is a major player in both Sweden and Norway, and I was keen to hear about your experiences in both the media market and new services,” said Jonas Gahr Støre on his visit.

The meeting also addressed the role of journalism in a rapidly changing world, the national media houses’ new competitors in the form of global media giants, and the role of politics – at both local and national levels. Aspects Jonas Gahr Støre finds inspiring.

“Hearing about the strong start-up environments that you are working with and discussing how we politicians, who set the framework, can contribute to strong and innovative environments being able to grow and develop, hopefully into profitable businesses and many jobs,” he says.

What are your main impressions from your visit here?

“I noticed in particular how the strength of our Nordic communities – with their minor differences – strong welfare services, safe and productive schools, and secure frameworks in employment, is emphasized as a competitive advantage for our countries in the international competition to attract the best talent. At the same time, it is a challenge that some key technological players do not pay taxes, or pay little tax,” Jonas Gahr Støre concludes.

Schibsted Media Group was happy to host the meeting with Jonas Gahr Støre.

“At Schibsted, we are proud to show Jonas Gahr Støre the good results our digital businesses have achieved in recent years. Innovation and entrepreneurship are strong elements in Schibsted’s DNA, and will be vital for both Norway and Sweden in the future. As such, it is of great importance that politicians manage to set a favorable framework in these areas,” says Lena K. Samuelsson, EVP Communications and CSR at Schibsted Media Group.