Published 2014-11-05

Lendo and Prisjakt Super Companies in Sweden

For the second consecutive year Lendo and Prisjakt have been named two of Sweden’s Super Companies (Sveriges Superföretag).

After Veckans Affärer ranked Sweden’s most successful companies for the tenth year running, the loan broker Lendo and the price comparison site Prisjakt , both of which are Schibsted Growth companies, qualified as two of this year’s Super Companies.

The ranking is based on the financial performance of Swedish private limited companies during the previous four years. Of the 50,000 companies with an annual turnover of more than SEK 10 million, 442 profitable and fast-growing companies qualified for the title.

Every year, Bisnode and Veckans Affärer examine Sweden’s most successful companies. The tough criteria for qualifying are based on the companies’ growth, earnings, returns, efficiency, capital structure, and financing.

These parameters are then compared with the performance of other companies of comparable size and activity before a non-cyclical and size-neutral comparison is made.

“It’s fantastic that we managed to do so well again this year. Many still regard us as a small company in Sweden, but in fact we’re market leaders in our industry and are still showing strong and steady growth,” says Dennis Ahlsén, founder and CEO of Lendo.


One of Sweden’s leading brokers of consumer loans, Lendo has been operating in the Swedish market since 2007. With their unique solution and based on only one credit rating, consumers can apply for loans from several banks and then choose which offer suits them best. Lendo’s independent mediation service is provided free of charge to consumers, and every month it helps thousands of customers find better loan deals.
Lendo also tops the list of Schibsted Growth’s Swedish companies in terms of profit and turnover growth.


The price comparison site Prisjakt is the market leader within its segment in Norway and Sweden, and is today also present in the Ireland, the UK and New Zeeland. Prisjakt is also on the list of Swedish Super companies with an operating margin above 40 percent.