Published 2014-06-27

Maradona plays for Schibsted’s Bom Negócio

The game is on for the classifieds market in Brazil. Argentine soccer icon Maradona has entered the field to win Bom Negócio new fans.

With the FIFA World Cup as a backdrop, Schibsted Media Group’s Brazilian player in the classifieds market, Bom Negócio, and the ad agency NBS has put football icon Diego Maradona to good use in their latest commercial.
Maradona is considered by many to be the world’s best soccer player, and he has won the player of the century award along with Pelé.

In the commercial (scroll further down to watch it), Maradona has been transformed into an armchair standing in a living room full of Brazilians watching the World Cup. Thus the stage is set for a little sporting rivalry between the two Latin American countries.

As the Brazilian national team is about to score Maradona laughs at the Brazilians, and start rooting for Argentina. For the Brazilian soccer fans, that´s the straw that broke the camel’s back and the Maradona armchair is quick as a flash for sale on the Bom Negócio´s classifieds site.

The commercial is the last of several ones where Bom Negócio has put strong personalities and celebrities to use in creative ways. Why Maradona was chosen this time is both due to him being well-known as a man with strong opinions and the timely association with football and the World Cup.

‘Poltrona Maradona’