Published 2015-08-27

Organization project kicks off

On Tuesday, CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal held the first meeting with the project group assigned to find a better way to organize Schibsted Media Group.  

Tina Stiegler, CFO/COO in Schibsted Norge, will head the project to shape Schibsted Media Group’s organization for tomorrow, aiming to make us even faster and more innovative. In addition to Tina, the other members of the project group are:

  • Pierre-Francois Marteau is SVP Strategy, Governance and Growth in Schibsted Classified Media (SCM).
  • Brandon Cohen is VP People and Organizational Development in Schibsted Products & Technology (SPT).
  • Malin Bäcklund is CIO in Schibsted Sweden, and also CEO of Centralen.
  • Adam Carlson is a Schibsted trainee.

 “It is a very competent team and I am happy that all of them have committed themselves to this task. I believe it is important that we take a really close look at the way we organize ourselves and seek to improve. I look forward to discuss their findings and recommendations”, says CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

The project is going to look at all aspects of Schibsted Media Group’s organization, and is initiated by CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal and the Group Management Team. The project group will immediately start to interview people across the Schibsted organization and listen to their input and thoughts on what works and what could be improved.

“The Group Management team (K1) has given the project a wide and open mandate to find good alternatives going forward. Central themes includes considering alternative set-ups and organizational designs for instance regarding geographical versus functional or business area dimensions. We will certainly speak to a lot of Schibsted-people in the coming weeks to get as much thought and input as we can. I am convinced that we will find a way to organize the Group which is better for us now that we are bringing Schibsted to the next level,” says Tina Stiegler.

The Group Management Team will act as steering group for the project, enforced externally by Trond Riiber Knudsen, the former head of McKinsey Norway. The recommendation from the project is expected to be delivered in Q4, and will thereafter be discussed in the Group Management Team.