Published 2013-11-06

Premiere of the success app Omni

Today the news app Omni launches. For four months Omni has been tested by thousands of Swedes. The result has exceeded all expectations.

The readers use Omni more often than any other Swedish mobile news site. An average user visits Omni eight times a week.

Markus Gustafsson founder and editor in chief describes Omnis readers as loyal and engaged.

“Most are typical news lovers, but we realize that we also have other readers who like Omni for its news overview or the summaries,” says Gustafsson.

The goal is to become the second biggest mobile news service during 2015 – behind Aftonbladet.

«We have great expectations for the launch and are above all happy and joyful. It was more nerve-wrecking to release the beta version. But now we’ve had a few months on us and we see that readers appreciate the service very much.”

Already before launching Omni has won Innovation of the year (Årets Dagstidning, MedieVärlden/Tu – Sweden) and the New Business Innovation Award(Schibsted Media Group).

About Omni

  • All Medias perspectives and news in one place.
  • News overview with brief summaries of all news.
  • The reader can follow chosen subjects and get more of what interests most.
  • Readers can set their own news mix for example and get more business news and less sports.
  • It’s free and ad-supported.

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