Published 2016-09-22

Schibsted Bytes – new product and tech blog launches

A new Schibsted blog, Schibsted Bytes, is now live, sharing thoughts and ideas in both technology and product development.

The new blog – Schibsted Bytes – is written by experts, for experts and offers a new platform to share discoveries, spread best practice, highlight good ideas, and celebrate the virtues of working together. The content is a mixture of product and tech development disciplines that brings together experts from across Schibsted Product & Tech. Between them, these experts work on products and properties from 19 different companies around the world.

Discover other fields

Schibsted Bytes will include articles from across the product and technology fields, and it’s readers will dip into specialisms outside their own to discover what other teams are working on. There are articles about user testing on Sweden’s largest newspaper, fun tips to energize development sprints, how devops keep Austria’s most visited site up, dependency injection techniques in Scala Play framework apps and much more.

Sharing is key

Schibsted Bytes is a showcase for expertise and talent at Schibsted, emphasising that sharing and collaboration are key, both within disciplines and across them. Developing great products for today’s global users has become a team game, so every new product requires expert software engineers, product managers, UX specialists, data scientists, devops, and more if it is to succeed.

John Einar Sandvand, Chief Communications Officer at Schibsted Tech Polska, and one of the blog developers told us, “Schibsted Bytes is a chance to show the world what Schibsted is all about: sharing, innovation, continual improvement and cooperation across every discipline; a place where everyone can learn something and discover a different viewpoint.”

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