Published 2014-02-07

Schibsted Company of the Year

Schibsted Media Group recieved the prize from Nova Sweden for being the company that made the best impression within the network in 2013.

When the top students in the network Nova Sweden rated companies in an annual survey Schibsted Media Group ended up on top this year.

“This is a great and encouraging result. A positive word-of-mouth among top-students strengthens Schibsted in the competition to get the very best employees into our companies,” says CEO Rolv Erik Ryssdal.

The survey, named The Nova Talent Survey, is an anual investigation amongst the network members about their thoughts on future careers, motivations etc. In the survey, students are also asked which of the companies that Nova collaborate with during the year, made the best impression. In 2013 Nova collaborated with 32 different companies.

Schibsted won with the following explanatory statement:

“This year’s Company of the Year have really understood what attracts today’s talent. Innovation and creativity pervades everything they do, and it is perceived to have a very open attitude. Company representatives are always energetic and committed. They really manage to convey an exciting and challenging picture of the company. Clearly a company we recommend!”

Connecta came in second place and Deloitte in third place.

Nova Sweden is a talent network for top students that are composed primarily of economists, lawyers and engineers. The network aims to provide students with good contacts with other top students and interesting companies. The network also exists in Norway and Denmark.