Published 2018-11-15

Schibsted Future Report 2019 – A New Reality

Out today – our annual outlook on tech, people and business.  #FutureReport

Graphic of tech people and biz

Schibsted Future Report is our take on trends within tech, people and business. It’s written by people at Schibsted who wish to share their thoughts and knowledge on phenomena which we think will affect the future. We believe in transparency and that an open dialogue will inspire innovation and help solve challenges in people’s daily life and in society. Perhaps you will discover some surprising connections.

Some of this year’s topics include:

  •  Will our addiction to screens end sooner than we could imagine?
  • Misleading and conspiratorial content generates most engagement. What’s gone wrong?

  • New tech feeds new ideas, and new ideas feed new tech. That’s not rocket science. What remains to be seen is if we are all leaving together.

See the report here:

This year, the report also focuses on the effects of new technology, on areas and phenomena that we have not really anticipated and sometimes lack tools to handle. But this new reality also offers opportunities that we could only dream of.

The report will be launched today at events in Oslo and Stockholm and at the Nxt Media conference in Trondheim. In Oslo our new CEO (as of 1st December 2018), Kristin Skogen Lund will open the event. Kristin has also written this year’s introduction chronicle in the report.