Published 2019-12-02

Schibsted Future Report 2020

Schibsted’s yearly outlook on trends is here. Read about our future digital reality, the history behind the idea to break up the tech giants, fashion shame – and many more stories, written by Schibsted people.

The report will be launched at a tech event called Rethinking in Oslo today where the main theme is the value of data. Prominent guests such as tech futurist Amy Webb and former Chief Security Officer at Facebook, Alex Stamos, will both explore this theme at the event. Future Report features interviews with both of them, written by Aftenposten reporter Joacim Lund. The event is arranged by Schibsted and Aftenposten.

Here is a sneak peek into some of the many articles you can see in the Future Report:

Public data is a hidden treasure

”Norway can do it. Or Finland, Sweden or Denmark”. In the interview with Amy Webb, she shares her view on where public data can be used to benefit science and society – a hidden treasure, if treated the right way.

Privacy protection?

”The pendulum has swung too far. Privacy protection must be balanced against security and competition,” says Alex Stamos in the article entitled Crooks Benefit from Privacy protection. Facebook’s former chief security officer warns against exaggerated privacy protection.

Climate change and fashion shame

10 percent of global emissions come from the textile industry – will fashion shame make us change our habits? A survey made for the report shows that interest in buying second hand, mending and re-designing is increasing. And again – young people are leading the way. Generation Z is the group most willing to buy secondhand instead of new clothes.

When tech changes the way we look on reality

Sam Sundberg, freelance reporter at SvD, investigates the possibilities and ideas on where a merging of augmented reality and the internet of everything will lead us.

Other top stories:

• Tech will always be the future, by Sven Størmer Thaulow
• Break them up, by Dan Ouctherlony
• Tech empowering patients, by Kajsa Gatenbäck
• Rethinking organizations, by Mette Krogsrud

Read Future Report 2020 here