Published 2014-11-13

Schibsted highlights from Sime

Schibsted showcased digital magic at this years Sime event in Stockholm.

Every year, Sime combines wonderful people and amazing opportunities creating mindblowing events.

The event brings together thought leaders, executives from different industries and entrepreneurs to explore new business opportunities together with world class speakers, workshop leaders and experts.

This year Schibsted was co-hosting the event in Stockholm in November. 

The Future is logged in

Frode Eilertsen talked about the next big thing in Schibsted Media Group.

“For us, the future lies in logged in ecosystems. That is what we see as the next big thing,” he says.

Watch the video from the event to learn more
(Eilertsen enters around 14:55 into the video)

Six speakers from Schibsted Media Group

Other speakers from Schibsted Media Group included:

• Lena K Samuelsson, Executive Vice President Communications and CSR, Schibsted Media Group

• Jan Helin, Editor in Chief in Aftonbladet

• Frida Lundh, Director Data & Programmatic, Schibsted Sweden.

• Alexander Hars, CEO, Let’s Deal

• Johan Åsén, Product Director, Schibsted Sales

See all the speakers

About Sime

Sime is Europe’s first international conference about the Internet and digital opportunities with flagship events this year in Stockholm and Miami. Sime also arranges themed events focusing on the most important fields in the digital arena.

Since its creation in 1996, Sime has been an important catalyst for knowledge, interesting meetings of minds and new business opportunities.